Soundtrack To Life, Love And Drugs

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Love Supine was spawned from a calm misty body of water, a place
within all of us where an undercurrent
of lost hope flows. Forsaken over life’s
time, Love Supine evolved into an
ethereal vigilante of Love, whose sole
purpose is to rescue all defenseless
souls from a ubiquitous dimension of
hatred, blind faith and insecurity. Let
the Love fly.....

Kak comes from no one before him,
and is the root of everything after him.
An angst from the past, and a dark
love in the present, and a hurricane
lamp to the future. Kak is a surreal
exploitation of your intellectual
sensuality, elevating you supinely to
another dimension of yourself. Feel
the warm breath of reality, get
brushed by the touch of will, submit
your soul to the Love......the Black
Wings Of Destiny are here....

Do you wanna be a Lover?




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Soundtrack To Life, Love And Drugs
Soundtrack To Life, Love And Drugs
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