Ex-Junkie Meets Junkie

from Soundtrack To Life, Love And Drugs

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I says it’s nice to meet yaBut I don’t want to greet ya And I got a mind to beat So go away Well don’t ya make me fight ya Cause I don’t want to spite ya And if you think that I’ll bite ya Then go away and don’t be brave I says I know it’s your nature To make me want to taste ya But even though I hate ya I can’t escape And now I want to abort ya But I can’t take your torture Cause ya forced me to escort ya For one more fucking day Boy I’d like to boot ya But I guess I’ll do what suits ya And then I’ll have to go and shoot ya For safety’s sake Well now ya know I want ya So I might as well flaunt ya But I wish I could have fought ya For one more fucking day Chorus Won’t ya lead the way?




Ex-Junkie Meets Junkie
Ex-Junkie Meets Junkie
  • Ex-Junkie Meets Junkie

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