Lucky Stars

from Soundtrack To Life, Love And Drugs

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Love…You’ve been illogical You’ve been insensible Love you’ve made me cry Love you’ve made me shout And then you’ve made me smile Love… You’ve been untraceable You’ve been unplentiful Love you’ve made me lie Love you’ve made me pout And then you’ve made me sigh Love… You’ve been so vengeful You’ve been so unhelpful Love you’ve made me cry Love you’ve locked me out But then again I’m so satisfied Bridge She only sees what she wants to see And that’s why she’s living with her family Where might Danielle be tonight? She’s playing solitaire to sort out her own problems Well humpty dumpty sat on the wall And humpty dumpty had a great big fall All the king’s men tried to put her together Then maybe again they tried to tear her apart Chorus I’ll thank my lucky stars




Lucky Stars
Lucky Stars
  • Lucky Stars

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