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I know exactly how you feelAnd I’d like to be the one To help you in your grave ordeal But the angel draws a gun They know it’s easy to conceal All the evils they have done They use their halos as a shield And they rape you with their swords They like to spread their wings of zeal Then they teach that to their sons Then they can’t be who they want to be So on and so forth They just don’t realize your deal When you’re made to take the brunt Of a man’s hand that makes no yield On the beauty of the shunned They make you search for something real But the angels you have sought Are only shrouded in calamity Catastrophe They know it’s easy to conceal All the evils they have done But these choice words they use are blasphemy So come on damnation Prechorus I know exactly how you’d like to be Secure in yourself I know exactly how you’re forced to be Cooped up in this hell Chorus Marmalade, marmalade An angel’s wrath gone wrong Marmalade, marmalade So come on damnation




  • Marmalade

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