Molly Ringwald Is Dead

from Soundtrack To Life, Love And Drugs

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Molly Ringwald doesn’t like to be at home She doesn’t want to have to put her life on hold She’s the one that doesn’t like to do what’s told She’s a women in the sense she thinks she’s old Molly Ringwald, how did she become so bold? Molly Ringwald is so full of angst today She loves to dive in headlong to adversity She’s the one that brushes all her fears away She’s the one that loves to waste another day Molly Ringwald, how can she maintain that pace? Molly Ringwald thinks she has her life controlled She doesn’t have to think about what’s sensible She’s the one that loves to instigate trouble ‘cause she thinks that life is tedious and dull Molly Ringwald, she is so invincible Chorus …because she’s dead I want to be I want to see Don’t you see that Molly, Molly Ringwald is dead




Molly Ringwald Is Dead
Molly Ringwald Is Dead
  • Molly Ringwald Is Dead

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