River Of Tongues

from Soundtrack To Life, Love And Drugs

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She says you don’t know what it’s likeAnd I don’t mean to be a bitch But these are the hardest days of my life I tried to keep it a secret But it’s so embarrassing I wish they’d shut their fucking lips Now see, this town has branded me So I made a mistake Now I’m labeled a junkie Day after day I get the shakes And I can’t imagine Being sober for one more day You see I had this one cool friend And I got my dope from him But he said it was opium I said it doesn’t seem so right How a man in a wheelchair Can destroy your fucking life Chorus Have you tried to do paintings I think it would be interesting Just to see how different it would be She said… I think I’ll try to do paintings And get the paint all over me Just to see how cathartic it would be




River Of Tongues
River Of Tongues
  • River Of Tongues

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June 5th
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