Waltzing In A Battlefield

from Soundtrack To Life, Love And Drugs

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Welcome to the ballroom danceWhere love is bountiful indeed This is a night of grand elegance So choose your duds appropriately Take the hand of a woman And let a man take the lead Dance with those that adore you And let your loving spirits free The dancers form exquisite patterns With graceful synchronicity So the ball dances on and on and on With virgin ethereality So the army marches on forward To kill the love they can’t see With their guns and their bayonets They slaughter them to their knees Chorus Now they’re standing at attention The armies of atrocity And no one could have ever told them They’re waltzing in a battlefield Now there’s just one more couple standing Amongst the rubble and debris So they dance on still untainted They’re waltzing in a battlefield




Waltzing In A Battlefield
Waltzing In A Battlefield
  • Waltzing In A Battlefield

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